Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed him to pursue military operations to seize control of other regions, saying he has seized control of Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, and Russian troops are expected to concentrate their forces on eastern Donetsk Oblast in the future.

Regarding the state of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, where Russian troops were intensifying the offensive, President Putin reported on the 4th that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu seized Lysychans'k, the last base on the Ukrainian side, and completed the military operation in Luhansk. I received it.

In response to this, President Putin praised the commanders involved in the battle and said, "A unit that has won a mission in Luhansk Oblast must first take a rest and improve its fighting ability," and it will be a fierce attrition war. He mentioned the need to rebuild the unit for the future.

He said, "We must carry out our mission according to a pre-approved plan. We hope that it will proceed like Luhansk Oblast," and instructed us to proceed with the operation toward seizure in other regions.

Regarding this, Governor Haidai of Luhansk explained in an interview with AP news agency on the 4th that the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Lysychansik was completed. That's the final reason for doing so, "he said, explaining that it was a withdrawal to avoid many casualties.

Under these circumstances, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 4th that it attacked various parts of eastern Donetsk Oblast adjacent to Luhansk Oblast with missiles and destroyed the command post, ammunition storage, armory and so on.

The British Ministry of Defense, which is analyzing the war situation, said on the 4th, "Many areas of Donetsk Oblast are controlled by Ukrainian troops. It is very unlikely that it will change, "he said.

The Russian army is expected to concentrate its forces toward full control of Donetsk Oblast, but the Ukrainian side is expected to continue a fierce offensive and defensive battle with military support from Europe and the United States.