The reason why the tax-free amount was removed at the beginning of the pandemic is that the state wanted to encourage more students to go in and work in healthcare.

A need that now no longer exists to the same extent.

Sophie Beyer Rankila, Acting Press Secretary at CSN, urges all students who have chosen to receive study grants and / or loans from CSN to keep track of how much they earn, and report this in a timely manner.

Otherwise, she thinks it can be tough in the end.

- Those who earn more than allowed can finally get a bill from CSN where you have 30 days to pay, she says.

Summer is included

She also reminds of something that is often forgotten: That even earned money during the summer months of July-August becomes important.

- It is otherwise a common mistake to think that the summer months do not count towards the university semesters, says Sophie Beyer Rankila, acting press secretary at CSN.

Sophie Beyer Rankila also believes that it is important to keep in mind that income is not just a salary.

- It can also apply to parental benefit, that you sell your home or shares.

Martin Häggkvist, a student at Uppsala University, would rather see the study grant increased, instead of CSN having a tax-free amount.

- It can be stressful for many students to work in parallel with studying full time, he says.

See the students' reaction to the deductible in the video above.