Georgia: Tens of thousands demonstrate again for EU membership

Demonstrators carry European flags during a pro-EU march, near the Georgian Parliament, in Tbilisi, July 3, 2022. AP - Shakh Aivazov

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In Georgia, a third major pro-European Union demonstration was organized on Sunday July 3 in Tbilisi, bringing together more than 25,000 people to put pressure on the government to meet the conditions set by Brussels in exchange for candidate status. to the EU.

This after several months of deterioration in relations between the government led by the “

Georgian Dream

” party, created by the oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili, and the European authorities.


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With our correspondent in Tbilisi,

Régis Genté

For the

third time in two weeks

, Georgians gathered massively in front of the parliament in Tbilisi.

A crowd came to demand that the government do everything to fulfill the 12 conditions set by the European Council for Georgia to receive the status of

candidate for the European Union (EU)


For this

third manifestation

of the “ 

At home, in Europe

 ” movement, the speakers demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, considered a mere executor of

the oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili


He is accused

of being in the pay of Russia


They also called for the formation of a government of national unity.

Unlike previous rallies, part of the crowd then went to the headquarters of the ruling party, then to that of the government, in order to organize a sit-in there until the morning.

This is perhaps a sign that the more pro-European fringes of Georgian society are forcing the government into a showdown.

Nothing is certain however, even if three quarters of the 3.7 million Georgians say they are in favor of joining the EU.


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