China News Service, July 4th, according to a comprehensive US media report, people familiar with the matter said that former US President Trump may announce his participation in the 2024 US presidential election in advance, and consider announcing as soon as the first week of July.

  The report pointed out that Trump had previously planned to launch the presidential campaign after the November mid-term elections, but the recent "destructive" testimony at the public hearing of the congressional riot investigation and Biden's sluggish polls made him change his mind.

File photo: Trump.

  According to the "New York Times" report, US Republicans have been exposed to prepare for Trump's "unusually early announcement of his candidacy".

CBS has learned that Trump has privately told allies and aides that he is "seriously considering" announcing his candidacy as early as this summer.

CNN quoted Republican sources as saying that Trump is considering announcing his candidacy as soon as the first week of July.

  But advisers close to Trump have warned that the time has come for a major campaign announcement.

And some Trump allies say a series of public hearings into the congressional unrest has done more damage to Trump than expected.

Trump's candidacy is similar to that of 2016, when plans were in flux and no one knew exactly what to expect.

Data map: On January 6, 2021, local time, during a joint session of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and caused riots. In the House of Representatives, police confronted protesters with guns through doors and windows.

  Recently, a select committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has held several hearings on the investigation into congressional riots.

One of the former White House staffers told the hearing that Trump said he was going to Congress at the time of the unrest, adding that he "didn't care" if protesters were armed.

At that time, as Trump supporters began to rush into Congress, Trump also planned to go, but was blocked by security personnel on security grounds, and at one point, Trump even took the steering wheel himself.

  The New York Times said several Secret Service officials, who asked not to be named, disputed the White House staffer's claims.

  On the other hand, Trump's planned "return" campaign comes at a time when Biden's polling approval ratings are sluggish.

The US "Capitol Hill" reported on July 1 that a poll jointly conducted by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies and the Harris Polling Institute showed that 71% of Americans oppose Biden's re-election as US president, of which 45% think he is "Bad President".