The suspect has the gun slung over his shoulder.

The short cargo trousers reach over his knees, he wears a sleeveless black shirt.

The 22-year-old Dane goes to the shopping center in Copenhagen on Sunday evening, an eyewitness filmed it.

Three people are dead a little later, four critically injured.

Matthias Wysuwa

Political correspondent for northern Germany and Scandinavia based in Hamburg.

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Sunday should actually belong to the Tour de France in Denmark.

It was the third and last stage through the kingdom, for days hundreds of thousands of Danes stood on the streets and cheered, it was a big party.

But almost to the minute, as the drivers sprint to the finish line in Sönderborg in the south of the country, the police received the first reports of shots being fired in Copenhagen.

Now the whole country is wondering what exactly happened - and why the young man murdered.

A young woman and a young man, both 17 years old, and a 47-year-old man are his victims.

It is 5:36 p.m. when the first reports are received by the police.

Shots at Fields Shopping Mall, a shopping monstrosity just off the Metro on the island of Amagar in the south-east of Copenhagen.

It is said to be one of the largest shopping centers in all of Scandinavia, the area around it is still growing, and the airport is only a few minutes away.

Here the man begins to shoot.

"He seemed very proud of what he was doing"

The newspaper "Berlingske Tidende" quotes eyewitnesses.

One was standing in a clothing store when he heard a bang.

People panicked, screamed and cried.

Others tell how people ran towards them screaming.

Some had limp because they might have fallen.

The police shouted that they should run for heaven's sake because he had started shooting again.

People came out of the revolving doors with their hands up to show that they had no weapons.

Mahdi Al-Wazni, who recorded the video of the alleged perpetrator, later told TV2 that he was standing directly opposite the man.

"He seemed very violent and angry," he says.

He stood there for almost a minute before moving on.

"He seemed very proud of what he was doing."

Shortly thereafter, the police are present with many forces.

You can overpower the alleged perpetrator at 5:48 p.m.

There is also a video of him being pushed to the ground by police officers outside the shopping center.

It is a 22-year-old "ethnic Dane," police say.

She says nothing about the motive, but the police knew it, if only marginally.

What that means remains unclear at first.

Just like the motive.

Danish media reports that the man shared pictures on social media a few hours before the crime, in which he appeared to have smeared himself with fake blood and pretended to be dead.

In a short video titled "I don't care," he sits with a gun and points the muzzle out of his head.

Below this, a short text is used to name a drug and say,

The Danish newspaper BT reports that it no longer works.

The drug is used, writes the newspaper, to treat mental disorders.

The police are assuming a single perpetrator and yet said on Sunday evening that they would carry out extensive investigations and show a massive operational presence in Copenhagen.

"Until we have certainty: He was alone," says senior police inspector Søren Thomassen.

Public transport on Amagar is being restricted, and pop star Harry Styles is canceling his concert near the mall over safety concerns.

"I'm heartbroken, as are the people of Copenhagen," he writes.

On Monday morning, Søren Thomassen is again in front of the press and asks that pictures and films of victims not be shared on social media out of consideration for the relatives.

It is assumed that the posts that have appeared on social media before the crime actually come from the alleged perpetrator,

they are included in the investigation.

Many documents were viewed during the night and there were further searches.

There is no evidence of another perpetrator.

The man is due to be heard this Monday.

"Denmark was hit by a horrible attack on Sunday evening," said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

Several people were killed and more were wounded.

“Innocent families shopping or eating out.

Children, young people and adults,” she says.

"Our beautiful and usually so safe capital was changed in a split second." She wanted to encourage the Danes to stand together and support each other during this difficult time.