With a strange trick, a Nigerian official "loses consciousness" while facing accusations of corruption.. Video

Finally, a video clip spread widely on social media, and circulated by several media outlets, showing the collapse of a Nigerian official after he lost consciousness while trying to answer questions related to corruption cases during an interrogation session held by the country's parliament.

According to “Africa News”, the acting administrative director of the Niger Delta Development Agency, Daniel Bundy, lost consciousness, less than an hour after the start of the session, before a number of attendees intervened to wake him up, and tried to open his mouth, prevent his tongue from sliding in, and closed the door. airway

After the official, accused of embezzling $1.2 million, regained consciousness, a decision was issued to dismiss him from his position, while he was helped out of the hall with the help of a policeman and two other men.

While social media users commented that the accused official had performed a strange trick, and faked losing consciousness in order to evade the confrontation. 

Yesterday, social media circulated a video clip from Nigeria, documenting the moment a Nigerian professor pretended to faint while being questioned in Parliament about the disappearance of 536 million Nigerian naira from the budget of the Niger Delta project for which he was responsible.

The official resorted to this trick in order not to answer the question that was put to him.


- Emirates Today (@emaratalyoum) July 3, 2022

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