A meeting will begin in Switzerland on the 4th, where representatives of countries such as Europe and the United States, including Japan, and international organizations will discuss the reconstruction of Ukraine, which has been severely damaged by the military invasion by Russia.

The Ukrainian government is expected to present a concrete plan for the first time at this conference, which is positioned as the starting point for reconstruction, and call for support.

The international conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine will be held for the first time by the Ukrainian and Swiss governments in Lugano, southern Switzerland, in four to two days.

According to the Swiss government, the conference will be attended by government officials from about 40 countries, including Japan and Europe and the United States, as well as representatives of EU-European Union agencies and international organizations such as the World Bank.

On the 4th, President Zelensky is expected to attend online and call for cooperation and support.

In addition, the Ukrainian government has shown a concrete plan for reconstruction for the first time, and representatives of each country are scheduled to announce their support policies on the 5th.

The Ukrainian government said last month that the damage to infrastructure caused by Russia's military invasion has so far totaled $ 104 billion, or about 14 trillion yen in Japanese yen.

The Ukrainian government has positioned this conference as a starting point for reconstruction that requires a large amount of funds, and it seems that it wants to obtain long-term support from each country.

In addition, it seems that there is an aim to restrain the Russian side by impressing that the ties with the Western side are strengthening even over the reconstruction.