It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the social network Karine Jean-Pierre.

“Oil prices have collapsed by about $15 in the past month, but gas station prices have barely declined.

This is not "underlying market dynamics".

This is a market that is failing the American consumer,” she said.

Jean-Pierre also accused Bezos of supporting the country's oil companies and wanting to get rich at the expense of the people of America.

“I guess it’s not surprising that you think that oil and gas companies using market power to extract record profits at the expense of the American people is how our economy should work,” she said. 

On July 3, billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos commented on the words of US President Joe Biden about the need to lower gasoline prices and that inflation in the United States is growing due to Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Bezos expressed confidence that Biden does not understand the basic laws of the economy.