report by

the British newspaper The Independent says skilled Ukrainians are using batteries from e-cigarette pens - which are no longer usable because they are disposable - to power front-line drones.

The Independent begins by saying that few associate e-cigarettes with armed drones, but in a crowded workshop in Kyiv;

These single-use cigarettes have become the latest weapon of war.

All over the country, the Ukrainians launched pioneering initiatives to support and even arm the Ukrainian army against Russian forces that were many times outnumbered and armed.

The report indicated that an engineering student preparing for a doctorate at the "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" launched an initiative to collect disposable e-cigarettes and recover a valuable commodity inside them;

These are Lithium Polymer batteries.

These batteries are used to power launch systems attached to drones;

It can carry and drop anything from medical supplies to grenades.

The launch systems are designed using 3D printers.

"We started collecting e-cigarettes after the price of lithium batteries went up a month ago," the 26-year-old said from his workshop, which was filled with half-built drones and 3D printers in an undisclosed location in the capital, Kiev.

Since Ukraine was forced to close its airports at the start of the war, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain imported materials.

Lithium batteries cost $1 each, but have increased fivefold;

Which increased their cost significantly, but the batteries in e-cigarettes are obtained for free, can be reused, and they are environmentally friendly.

A Ukrainian soldier carries an anti-aircraft weapon in the capital, Kyiv (European News Agency)


The British newspaper reported that a team of about 60 volunteers began making drone systems, 30 of whom are working specifically on the e-cigarette scheme.

Within 4 months, they built 4,000 drop systems, all costing less than $30.

They are also building drones from scratch and reusing existing commercial drones to go with their drop systems.

And 3 weeks ago they started working with e-cigarette batteries.

The report said the marches became crucial in the battle, allowing Ukrainian forces to spot artillery and direct fire efficiently, saving ammunition.

It can also drop anything;

Ranging from anti-personnel bombs to bomblets, or transporting medical supplies to soldiers in trouble.