Talks about people in Sweden that Ankara links to the Kurdish organization PYD have been central in negotiations on a possible Swedish NATO membership.

On Thursday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Sweden had agreed to hand over 73 'terrorists' to Turkey.

On Sunday morning, the Swedish Prime Minister did not answer Sveriges Radio's question about how many names it should be about.

Instead, she stressed that the agreement is not a legally binding agreement.

- It is the Swedish definition of terror that applies, says Magdalena Andersson.

Differences in tone mode

Erdogan's statements have been described in international newspapers as triumphant.

- It is not entirely unusual that when different parties agree, you make slightly different shots of it.

Not least when talking to the media, says Magdalena Andersson.

- I think that's where we are.

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"Sweden has already promised the extradition of 73 terrorists to Turkey."

Hear Erdogan's speech.

Photo: Gabriel Bouys / AFP / TT