The Israeli army said that it will examine, in the presence of an American, the bullet that killed colleague Shireen Abu Aqleh, after the Palestinian Authority confirmed the arrival of experts from Washington to criminally examine the projectile.

The occupation army added - in a statement - that if it turns out that he killed Shireen, he will bear the responsibility and will regret it.

Information that reached Al Jazeera suggested that the US embassy in Israel would deliver the results of the investigation - conducted by the US coordinator, General Mike Finzel, about the bullet that killed our colleague Shireen Abu Akleh - to the Palestinian Authority later today.

The Palestinian Authority handed over the bullet to the American side for analysis.

The Palestinian Attorney General, Akram al-Khatib, had confirmed earlier that the United States had brought in experts to conduct forensic examinations of the projectile that killed Shireen, and that the examination would take place inside the American embassy in Jerusalem.

Al-Khatib added - in contact with Al-Jazeera - that the Palestinian Authority obtained guarantees from American officials that the projectile would not be delivered to Israel.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed that the Palestinian Authority would never hand over the bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh to the Israeli side.

Six field investigations, including 4 by prestigious American media outlets, confirmed that the fire that killed colleague Shireen was fired where the occupation forces were in Jenin.

The moment our colleague Sherine Abu Aqleh was injured (Al Jazeera)

Take responsibility

The Israeli Army Radio quoted its spokesman, General Ran Kochav, as saying that if it is proven that the army killed the Al-Jazeera correspondent, they will bear responsibility and regret the incident, as he put it.

The Palestinian Authority is under US and Israeli pressure and threats to hand over the bullet that killed our colleague Sherine to Tel Aviv before US President Joe Biden arrives in the region in the middle of this month.

Last month, Palestinian Justice Minister Muhammad al-Shalaldeh said that "it is not permissible to hand over the projectile that killed Shireen to Israel, because it is responsible for the killing."

An investigation conducted by Al-Jazeera network in the middle of last month concluded that the bullet that assassinated Shireen was fired from an M4 rifle of 5.56 mm caliber used by the occupation army's snipers.

Al Jazeera published a picture of the bullet that was deformed after it penetrated Shirin's head and hit the helmet that was worn by the late colleague.