In the United States these days, thousands of flights are canceled or delayed due to the airline crisis.

The unions of major European airlines are also going on strike, so you should be careful when traveling to this area.

Reporter Kim Yong-cheol on the sidewalk.


On the weekend ahead of Independence Day, there was an aviation chaos at every American airport.

On Friday alone, 500 flights a day were canceled and 7,800 flights were delayed.

Thousands of flights were canceled and delayed on Saturday, forcing some passengers to stay up all night at the airport.

[Lee Harris / Delta Air Lines passenger: Yesterday's 7:55 am flight, but I still can't go home.

I don't know how to get home.]

The difficulties are spreading as the airline union strikes for better working conditions.

Delta Air Lines pilots protested ahead of a strike at major airports in the United States demanding better treatment, and in France, Charles de Gaulle Airport employees went on strike on the 30th of last month.

[Fabry Krike / Secretary General of Airport Union: During the Corona period, we reduced thousands of employees, but the number of passengers increased again.

There is a serious shortage of manpower, but there is no increase in wages.

It is said that the wages will be raised much less than the reduced wages during the corona virus.]

Following a strike last week by flight attendant unions in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy, workers of low-cost airlines EasyJet and Ryanair went on strike this weekend.

The number of passengers has increased again, but the airline industry is having a hard time responding as employees are increasingly dissatisfied with high oil prices and a shortage of manpower.

(Video editing: Ha Seong-won)