A "shock" for his relatives who want to continue the investigation on their side.

The investigating judge in charge of the investigation into the disappearance, never elucidated, of the French tourist Tiphaine Véron in Japan in 2018, has completed her investigations, we learned on Sunday from the family lawyer.

Based in Poitiers, the city of origin of Tiphaine Véron, the judge “notified the parties that she did not intend to carry out additional acts herself in the context of the information (…), she wishes to close her information, "said Me Antoine Vey to AFP, confirming information from the



"We will have to take action in Japan, with private investigators"

The end of the investigations opens a period during which the parties can make observations or request acts of investigation, before the requisitions of the prosecution and the final decision of the investigating judge.

But for Damien Véron, the brother of the disappeared, the investigation "on the French side, it's over (…) we will have to carry out actions in Japan, with private investigators on the spot, it will be a colossal job".

“It's a shock.

It's incomprehensible.

This possibility of instruction in France, (…) it was the only possibility of unraveling this story”, he explained, on behalf of the family who had already called on the service of a converted French ex-gendarme in private.

A team of French police officers on site in 2019

Tiphaine Véron disappeared on July 29, 2018 in Nikko, a tourist city in northeastern Japan surrounded by hills and woods with famous sanctuaries.

Then aged 36, the young woman, epileptic, had left her hotel to go for a walk, leaving behind her suitcase, her passport and her sightseeing program.

For almost four years, the research carried out by his relatives on the spot has yielded nothing, no more than the judicial investigations carried out from Poitiers and in Japan, which had led a team of French police officers to go there in May 2019.


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