Tonight's duel is important for both Magdalena Andersson and Ulf Kristersson.

There are both candidates to lead the country this autumn and people need to know how they are - and how they debate against each other, according to Katia Elliott.

- You want to have confidence in the party and the leader you choose and then you want to know how they simply stand, she says and continues:

- And these are important questions as well.

"We think viewers want answers"

Katia Elliott on tonight's duel: Very important for both prime ministerial candidates.

Photo: SVT

Do you have any special strategies when interviewing two prime ministerial candidates?


It is to try to get them to actually debate the question we ask and not talk about other things.

It is usually the most difficult.

They have their "oneliners" that they want to get, but we want them to answer questions that we think viewers want answers to.

- Also that it should be fair, that they should be allowed to talk for about the same length of time and present their main arguments - because it is important for voters to know when to go to the polls this autumn.