• Lille has just completed the 3rd edition of its participatory budget.

  • The amount allocated was increased to 2 million euros.

  • Twenty winners were chosen from more than 800 projects submitted.

Water and games.

Even if there are no instructions at the start, a general theme nevertheless emerges with each selection of the winning projects of Lille's participatory budget.

Green ideas therefore give way this year to playful, sporting and aquatic desires.

Here are the 20 wishes that will be realized thanks to the 2 million euros invested by the city in 2022.

It was finally the vote of the inhabitants of Lille which determined this theme by taking 20 winners out of the lot of 824 proposals.

Nine of them relate to either sporting or recreational facilities.

"Modules or bowls for rollerblading, cycling, skateboarding", "multi-sports city stadiums", "games suitable for over 10s" or for children with disabilities, sports areas of the street-workout, obstacle course, pull-up bars, a “treehouse connected to a ladder and a climbing wall”… Either in targeted locations, or more generally in parks.

Yes to water, but in small touches

While the water will not return in the form of a canal on the Avenue du Peuple-Belge, it will appear in small touches everywhere else.

First through a "swimming pool on the Deûle" imagined by the students of the Jean Jaurés college "like the pool of La Villette in Paris".

The project of a Lille woman to install “double water fountains, with a lower zone for the animals and an upper zone for the inhabitants” will also be realized.

Other fountains, portable this time, will grow in the parks of Lomme as requested by the schoolchildren of Jean Jaurès.

Alongside these two themes, other more original projects have been selected.

Shelters for stray animals, a cabin for bird watching, “time capsules” to be opened in 2222, installation of beehives in cemeteries or even devices for charging your phone (solar connected benches, bicycle charging, etc.). ).

In short, lots of good ideas that you can find in detail on the town hall's website.


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