Arthur Pereira, edited by Yanis Darras 9:43 a.m., July 3, 2022, modified at 9:44 a.m., July 3, 2022

Barely launched, the tourist season already seems threatened for restaurateurs.

In question, the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic in France.

While the government is not yet working on restrictions for the sector, establishment managers want to "avoid closure". 

Hospitalizations on the rise, incidence rate up by more than 50% compared to last week... The Covid-19 epidemic is resuming in France.

As the first tourists arrive in their resorts, restaurateurs are worried about new restrictions that the government could apply in the coming weeks to limit the spread of the virus. 

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“We will do everything to avoid a closure”

“It will be exhausting for us, for everyone, especially the tourists who will come to the bars”, explains Jérôme, who runs a bar in Paris.

If the bartender points out that consumer habits have already changed in the face of Covid, he says he is ready to adopt the restrictions to maintain his activity. 

“If at first it is only the staff who will have to wear the mask, we will wear the mask. Afterwards, if we are asked to welcome fewer people inside, we will be forced to limit the number of places in the room. We will do everything to avoid a closure", assures Jérôme.

"We pay more attention"

In the bar, Marie and Henri, who share a beer, claim to be more careful: "At work, in transport, we are more careful. Because some of my colleagues caught covid recently", explains Marie.

"In addition, we have to take a plane to go to the United States soon", add Henri.

Because with the approach of the holidays, the French are worried about catching the covid and try to adopt the right gestures to protect themselves.

On the government side, no restrictions are envisaged for the moment for the hotel and restaurant sector.