So, for example, at 12:40 the Ukrainian military fired on Yasinovataya, five shells of 122 mm caliber were fired at the settlement.

“Fishes were fired from the VFU in the following directions: 11:40 — n.p.

Nikolaevka Second - n.p.

Dolomite: fired five shells of 152 mm caliber;

11:45 — n.p.

Dry Balka - n.p.

Panteleymonovka: two shells of 152 mm caliber were fired,” the representative office noted.

At 13:00, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired five shells of 122 mm caliber at the Kirovsky district of Donetsk.

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian military fired ten rockets from the Grad MLRS at Panteleymonovka and Mikhailovka.