China News Service, July 2, according to the WeChat public account of the National Medical Insurance Administration, in order to implement the decision of the State Council executive meeting, with the approval of the State Council, the four departments of the National Medical Insurance Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation recently jointly issued a " Notice on Periodically Delaying Payment of Employee Basic Medical Insurance Contributions by Units” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”).

  The "Notice" clarifies that in the co-ordination areas where the cumulative balance of the co-ordination fund can be paid for more than 6 months, starting from July 2022, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households participating in the insurance by units will be deferred for 3 months. Employee medical insurance units Payment, late payment fee is waived during the deferment period.

Social groups, foundations, social service agencies, law firms, accounting firms and other social organizations will be implemented by reference.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that the "free application and enjoyment" handling mode is fully implemented, and qualified small, medium and micro enterprises can enjoy the payment policy of deferred payment units without applying for deferred payment.

Under the leadership of the local government, the medical security and taxation departments, together with relevant departments, jointly determine the scope of enterprises enjoying the deferred payment policy, clarify the operating procedures based on the actual situation, and actively disclose it to the public.

At the same time, strengthen departmental collaboration, optimize work links, innovate service methods, and reduce the transactional burden of enterprises.

  The "Notice" requires that it is necessary to ensure that the insured can enjoy the full benefits during the deferment period, and that small and medium-sized micro-enterprises defer payment of employee medical insurance units, which will not affect the normal reimbursement of medical expenses by the insured in the enterprise, and ensure that the reimbursement level of basic medical insurance remains stable. reduce.

It is necessary to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees of relevant enterprises.

During the deferment period, small, medium and micro enterprises shall perform the obligation of withholding and paying employees’ personal contributions according to the law, and normally declare the information of employees’ medical insurance premiums, so as to ensure that employees continue to participate in insurance and keep records of personal rights and interests.

  In addition, the "Notice" also puts forward requirements for the organization and implementation of the work. All localities should improve their political positions, unify their thinking and understanding, and implement the policy of phased deferral of employee medical insurance units to ensure the accurate implementation of policy dividends.