- It's a little early to say.

The pandemic meant more visitors for us.

As an open-air museum, we benefited from the fact that people thought it was safer to be outdoors.

This summer will be very interesting to see how it turns out.

Will we continue to have more visitors than we had before the pandemic or will we return to how it was before, says Tina Karlsson, museum director in Old Linköping.  

A good start to the summer

A visitor destination that did not have to worry about visitor numbers during the pandemic was Östergötland's museum.

Namely, they had fortunately managed to match the start of their major renovation with the outbreak of the pandemic.

And now that the restrictions have been released, the museum has fittingly reopened. 

- We are satisfied with the start of the summer and the approximately 1.5 months we have been open.

We have had many visitors and we get praise for new exhibitions, says the museum director at Östergötland's museum Olof Hermelin. 

The forecast points in the right direction

A bit outside the city we find the Air Force Museum.

This year, they have had twice as many visitors in June compared to the same month last year, says Noomi Eriksson, museum director at the Swedish Air Force Museum.

Despite the large increase, some visitors are still needed to reach the levels before the pandemic.

But the forecast points in the right direction and the Swedish Championships week, which is arranged in Linköping, may have an impact on the number of visitors. 

- We have more visitors than last week, but can not say if it is due to the Swedish Championships week or if it is due to the holidays have started.

The level is quite normal for the end of June, says Noomi Eriksson. 

"Now we can do business as usual"

One who dares to be more confident about the impact of the Swedish Championship week is Tina Karlsson in Old Linköping.

There the atmosphere is filled with music, the murmur of tourists and hooves of horses facing the cobblestone.

Just as it should sound. 

- This feels great, now we can do business as usual, Tina Karlsson concludes.

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Tina Karlsson, museum director, believes that the Swedish Championship week will contribute more visitors to Old Linköping.

Photo: August Askbom / SVT