Park Ji-hyeon, former chairman of the Democratic Party's Joint Emergency Response Committee, officially announced his candidacy for party leader at the national convention next month.

Former Vice Chairman Park appeared on a broadcast news today (2nd) and said, "I have decided to run for party representative."

She added, "I will make the Democratic Party again a party for the people, a party that listens to the voices of the youth."

Regarding lawmaker Lee Jae-myung, who is likely to run for party leader, Park said, "In a situation where various investigation issues are intertwined, the Yoon Seok-yeol government and the people's power will probably show that they are trying to get political retaliation," the party defended against it. He explained why he was running because he was worried that Minsaeng would disappear if he was in a hurry.

Former Vice Chairman Park, however, said that he had not yet joined the party for six months and added, "I understand that the decision to run is a matter for discussion with the party secretariat and the party committee."

Park, the 27-year-old former chairman of the platoon, was recruited by the Democratic Party during the last presidential election with a career in the 'fireworks' group that tracked the nth room incident.