In protest against poverty and poor conditions, Libyans demolish the Parliament with bulldozers and burn its assets!

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Demonstrators in Libya last night stormed the headquarters of the Libyan Parliament in Tobruk (east), tampered with its contents, and set fire to it, in protest against the poor living conditions.

Videos posted by activists on social media showed dozens of protesters setting fire to the parliament before storming it and setting fire to it.

Protesters were seen throwing papers and documents from the windows of the House of Representatives after storming the administrative offices of the building.

The Libyan "February" channel reported that the people of Tobruk demolished the parliament headquarters using trucks and heavy equipment (bulldozers), and that a bulldozer driven by a demonstrator toppled a section of the gate of the building complex, making it easier for the demonstrators to storm it, and set fire to the cars of members of the House of Representatives.

Protesters threw documents into the air after taking them from offices, while others waved green flags (the flag of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi).

The demonstration came at a time when the country has been suffering from power outages for several days, exacerbated by the closure of many oil facilities.

Libyan media reported that these events came after calls on social media to demonstrate on Friday against the difficult living conditions of the Libyan people due to the lack of cash flow, electricity cuts for very long hours, and other crises.

Dozens demonstrated in front of the House of Representatives, before storming it, and chanted slogans against corruption and the current bad situation in the country.

The demonstrators described members of the Libyan House of Representatives as one of the causes of corruption in the country.

# Aaaaaajl | # Tobruk demolished the House of Representatives with heavy machines "Kwashik" ..

— Emad Fathi E.Fathi (@emad_badish) July 1, 2022

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