“The government of the Belgorod region, together with PJSC Rosseti, sent a humanitarian convoy with a large batch of power equipment,” he wrote in his Telegram.

The humanitarian cargo included equipment and supplies intended for the restoration of the power supply system in the Kupyansky, Izyumsky and Balakleysky districts of the Kharkiv region.

“Thus, only 25 tons of transformer oil were delivered.

It was necessary to restore power supply in Balakliya.

A substation was built here for almost a month, which provided electricity to the entire city, ”Gladkov added.

Earlier, the Russian military delivered humanitarian aid to orphanages and a boarding school in the LPR.

The children were given food packages with confectionery, tea and sweets, as well as toys and stationery, which are sorely lacking in orphanages in the liberated territories.