[Global Web Report] Ukraine has asked Turkey to detain a Russian-flagged cargo ship, Reuters reported on the 1st, according to documents seen by Reuters and a Ukrainian official.

According to reports, the cargo ship was carrying thousands of tons of Ukrainian grain from the port of Berdyansk.

  The Ukrainian foreign ministry official, citing information obtained from the country’s maritime administration, said the 7,146-dwt, Russian-flagged cargo ship “Zhibek Zholy” carried the first cargo from Berdyansk, about 4,500, according to the report. tons of food.

The Ukrainian official said the grains belonged to Ukraine.

  In a June 30 letter from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office to the Turkish Ministry of Justice, "Zhibek Zholy" was accused of being involved in the "illegal export of Ukrainian grain" from Berdyansk and loaded thousands of tons of food, Reuters said. Cargo to Karasu, Turkey.

The letter stated that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office asked Turkey to “verify the vessel at sea, seize samples of its grain for forensic examination, and request information on the location of the grain.”

The letter also stated that the Uzbek side is ready to conduct a joint investigation with the Turkish side.

  Kremlin officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Reuters reported.