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Over the years and centuries, society has continued to evolve.

By often replacing the sense of honor with a desire for strong individuality, she sometimes lost her sense of it.

Today many people suffer, lacking self-esteem or a purpose for the future.

In this book, the authors correlate the absence of a sense of honor with the suffering felt by a whole section of society.

By following illustrious destinies, the reader understands that it is also possible for him to triumph.

50 personalities to help each other triumph

From Alexander the Great to Marilyn Monroe via Leonard de Vinci, Mandela or Swieg Jean-Sébastien Hongre and Luis de Miranda, trace the sometimes tragic destiny of great historical or artistic figures.

In their book,

“The Art of Triumph.

Discover your cardinal virtues”

, each character embodies a value.

By discovering these 50 stories, the reader can then analyze the deep meaning of these values, associate them with his own trajectory to understand himself better, to forgive himself sometimes.

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A historical and philosophical journey

The history of the world is made by the destinies of the great characters of this book.

From the Romans to our contemporary era, everyone has had to face choices, to impose themselves in the face of the determinism of their condition or their gender.

Driven by honour, often feeling a strong esteem for themselves, they knew how to overcome difficulties or face death.

All of them managed to inscribe their names in history.

Here are some particularly interesting notions to understand today's society, to share about the world around us.

As the sense of honor is now replaced by a strong desire for individualism, are we any happier?

Thanks to Cléopâtre, for example, Jean-Sébastien Hongre and Luis de Miranda prove to us how much the honor of being loved can change everything.

This honor may even lead us to death in joy.

Far from the fantasized success, the recognition of an entire society, it is here about an authentic honor, a respect for people and one's self-esteem.

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Recover your self-esteem to be happy

By freeing themselves from honor as it is portrayed today, a sort of toxic recognition of a fractured society, the authors prove that happiness is accessible.

To assert oneself, to mark one's difference can be beneficial.

It is also an opportunity not to betray yourself, to fight for what you consider fair or honourable.

However, achieving this inevitably involves rejecting rules that are now considered normal.

In an increasingly intense ambient chaos, remaining whole, not denying one's values ​​embodies a form of immense courage.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are then

sine qua none

conditions for the success of this change of course.

Throughout the pages, the greatest historical figures in the world give you the keys to freeing yourself from the gaze of society, to show courage.

By telling their story, dwelling on the most intimate moments of their lives, the two authors guide you in their own way.

What if they allowed us to face our own destiny?

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Order the book at Fnac

This work, far from contenting itself with depicting historical trajectories, forces us to reflect on our own condition, on our choices.

Are we able to detach ourselves from societal determinism, from the gaze of others?

Isn't that the only way to be truly happy, to triumph?

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