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Nobody has remembered Ana Obregón when the Santi Millán sex video was leaked last week, but Olvido Hormigos, the previous most popular and recent case of violation of privacy, which occurred in 2012. But the reality is that the first The

famous Spanish woman who

was the victim of this crime

was the biologist 20 years ago.

Yes, in another format.

During Christmas 2001, Sorpresa magazine published some images of her

in the middle of a sexual act

with the actor Miki Molina inside a car located in the parking lot of the Church of La Moraleja, just 100 meters from the businesswoman's house.

"The biggest scandal of the year!! Ana Obregón and Micky Molina

caught in the act

," said the cover.

The paparazzi who recorded the images, because it was a video,

believed they went unpunished

when they spread them;

then the magazines dared to publish content that is unthinkable today, since now there is more legal knowledge.

The amount for which they were sold was never disclosed, surely very high.

Then Ana Obregón, at a splendid 40-something, triumphed on TVE with the series Ana y los 7 and Molina was her co-star.

The morbidity was served


There were no social networks or cell phones with cameras and

print runs were enormous.

Miki Molina.GTRES

The third wave feminist had not reached the shore.


No one defended Ana Obregón

, it was published that she had planned everything to relaunch her series, which was worse in audience after the arrival of GHy OT. Miki was hardly spoken of, the focus was on Ana and, or is she a fantastic actress or she really had a terrible time. Her family is very traditional, she was a single mother of a child... They must have gotten horny, how did they not get into her house!", says a source from Ana's environment.

Obregón put himself in the hands of the lawyer Javier Saavedra, who demanded precautionary measures to stop circulating those images of which there is no trace even on


, although the judge estimated that if the copies were withdrawn, interest in the matter would increase. .

"Someone told Ana's mother the day before that those photos were going to be published on Christmas Eve. There was no obvious nudity, since they were taken from afar, but the expression of pleasure on Ana and Miki's faces was noticeable They

were clearly getting laid


it wasn't a setup

," says the


Ana took the magazine to court in 2002. As it was prior to the modification of the civil procedure law, she

received in the first instance the 30,000 euros of compensation

that the sentence dictated.

The header resorted to the Provincial Court of Madrid and the High Court, which corroborated what was said by the first court.

There was no criminal lawsuit for not lengthening the procedures.

"She is a deceiver. Better for the civil, you take the dough and you go," says a consulted lawyer, since neither Obregón nor Molina nor Saavedra have wanted to make statements.

In 2006,

the Supreme Court sentenced

the director of Sorpresa, the publisher, the photographer and his agency to compensate Obregón with 30,000 euros, which the actress said she would later donate to the victims of the Iraq war.

Similar cases were that of

Marta Chávarri

, in 1988, whose

photos without underwear

in a nightclub were published, or that of Alberto San Juan in 2008, of whom some photos circulated by email in the middle of a sexual act with a woman on the beach.

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