U.S. intelligence officials said Russia's President Vladimir Putin still wanted to take control of much of Ukraine, while saying that Russian troops were declining and said the fighting would be prolonged. Some media reported.

According to Reuters, Director of National Intelligence of the United States, which controls US intelligence, spoke at an event held in the capital Washington on the 29th of last month. ".

"We believe Putin remains with his original goal of wanting to take control of much of Ukraine," said Haynes.

However, he said, "President Putin's military goals and military capabilities do not match," he said. It means that you are watching.

And Secretary Haynes gave three scenarios for the outlook.

The most probable scenario among these is that the Russian army will gradually gain results, but it will not open a breakthrough and the battle situation will be stalled, and the battle is expected to be prolonged.

Another scenario is that Secretary Haynes will make a breakthrough on the Russian side.

In addition, the Ukrainian side pointed out that it would succeed in stabilizing the front line with small results, such as regaining the area around the city of Kherson, which the Russian army already has control, and other southern areas.