On Friday, the KD leader presented a proposal for stricter legislation for rape.

The proposal means, among other things, that chemical castration will become a condition for conditional release.

- This may mean that if a person like Nytorgsmannen is to be able to become a free man, a chemical castration must have taken place before the release, Busch says.

"Sweden's women are not safe"

The party also wants to see the abolition of "automatic conditional release".

As for the length of the sentence, they want to see a life sentence for aggravated rape of a child and increase the sentence for aggravated rape to between 10 and 25 years, something that would require an increase in the maximum limit for imprisonment.

"Sweden's women are not safe," the party wrote in a press release.

Also that there is a widespread "fear of sexual crimes" and that rapists "spread fear and ruin lives" for children.  

Want to open a knowledge center  

KD also wants to establish a national knowledge center for sexual violence where people who feel that they have "problematic sexuality" can receive support.

The center must also "be able to administer chemical castration on a voluntary basis to those who are worried about unwanted sexual thoughts and impulses and have a compulsive sexuality". 

The party has previously made similar proposals via individual members and opened as early as 2017 for chemical castration as punishment for sex offenders.