The results of the above-average school closures in Germany are far worse than expected: According to the IQB education trend 2021, the learning deficits of German elementary school students are huge in reading, spelling, listening, but also in mathematics.

Every fifth child does not even reach the minimum standards, which are already low, i.e. the lowest level of the learning goals, and therefore does not have the prerequisites to successfully complete a secondary school.

The corona pandemic catapulted students into the last century because only those whose parents were able to support them effectively did reasonably well.

Families with little education and immigrant students could not even come close to compensating for the loss of lessons due to the corona.

The Ministers of Education are the first to call for federal funds

The right to education newly established by the Federal Constitutional Court is thus missed.

Because the right to education is aimed at school education as a whole and not just at teaching basic skills.

This includes teachers who are characterized by a high level of professionalism and a guaranteed quality of schools.

The culture ministers of the federal states are responsible for this, but they were the first to call for federal funds.

But even the best catch-up program does not change the fact that primary schools are far from redeeming the right to education.