It is BA.5, a subgroup of the virus variant omicron, that dominates the spread of infection, writes FHM in a press release.

Last week, about 3,100 cases of covid-19 were reported.

11 percent of them were post-registrations of cases, but if the reported cases are excluded, an increase of 41 percent is still seen between weeks 24 and 25.

"There are indications that BA.5 can avoid the immune system and infect people who have been vaccinated or have had a previous covid-19 infection, but there are many indications that the vaccine continues to protect against serious illness and death," the authority wrote, adding:

"At present, there is no indication that BA.5 would cause a more serious disease course than previous micron variants, but it is judged to cause the increased spread of infection."

The text is updated.