Dubai outlets start applying the "plastic bags" tariff

Today, Friday, all shopping outlets in Dubai began applying the 25 fils tariff on single-use plastic bags, in preparation for their complete ban within two years.

The municipality indicated that all stores are obligated to apply a tariff of 25 fils for each single-use bag, and a different tariff can be placed on sustainable (reusable) alternatives if provided by the store.

The municipality pointed out that the tariff will apply to all single-use bags used to transport goods at the point of purchase according to special specifications, including "each bag with a thickness of less than 57 micrometers, including bags made of plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic and biodegradable plant materials."

Regarding the possibility of using paper bags as a free alternative, the municipality stated that the identification applies to all single-use bags for transporting goods, including paper bags with a thickness of less than 57 micrometers, and that stores are not obligated to provide free alternatives as the goal is to push a change in consumer behavior in order to preserve local environment.

She stressed that the tariff is mandatory for all shops that use single-use bags to transport goods, and bags of other quality can be provided as an alternative to plastic bags.

However, the tariff applies to the alternatives if the specifications match the single-use bags for transporting goods.

She said that the price of plastic bags can be paid on the bill like any other commodity that is registered upon purchase, and the tariff is not calculated if the consumer brings his own bags.

"There is no ceiling on the number of bags sold to a single consumer, but we recommend that workers at payment points be trained to rationalize the use of bags when packing and delivering purchases," she added.

Dubai Municipality added, "A tariff has been imposed on single-use bags as single-use goods bags are a major source of litter and pollution in our environment. These bags do not decompose until after a very long period of time, and are only used once - maybe twice." Before being disposed of, most are only used once to transport goods from the store to the home.

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