4 challenges facing the use of modern technologies in the education of primary school students

The educational expert, director of the National Charitable School in Ajman, Dr. Maher Hattab, revealed 4 challenges at the infrastructure level facing the use of modern technologies in educating primary school students, represented in the provision of teaching and learning platforms, the use of portable and non-portable computers and screens, and the provision of expertise and the use of technologies and learning platforms for teachers, students and parents.

He added to "Emirates Today" on the sidelines of the Al-Mishkat forum, that the challenges also include providing the Internet throughout the school and every home containing a student and providing various applications that help in the process of teaching, learning and assessment.

He stated that there are also 4 responsibilities on educators and parents of students from kindergarten to fourth grade: assisting them in meaningful use and not just entertainment and for long hours, setting priorities and selecting appropriate programs for them to serve their educational and personal development, monitoring their learning and ensuring the building and strengthening of basic skills and training them on balanced and safe use in accordance with digital safety standards.

He added that the responsibilities of the students' families in stage (5-8) are to help them set priorities, ensure the appropriateness of educational content and filter it from all harmful materials, and ensure balanced use so that the student does not exaggerate in games and neglect learning, in addition to ensuring safe use of electronic devices and the Internet. And directing students towards useful and useful use, as well as directing them towards creativity and innovation.

Hattab noted that there are 11 positive axes for the use of learning technologies in general, the first of which is activating the countries of student participation in the educational process, enhancing communication between the parties to the educational process easily, and employing learning resources comprehensively, diversified and quickly, and it also facilitates the consideration of individual differences and enhances competencies, and contributes to shortening and investing time. in favor of education.

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