China News Service, June 30th. According to the website of the Ministry of Public Security, since the Ministry of Public Security deployed a special campaign to crack down on the rectification of "sand bullies" and "mine bullies" and other underworld crimes in the field of natural resources, public security organs across the country have carefully organized and comprehensively implemented policies to promote Crackdown on rectification work. As of the end of May this year, a total of more than 230 criminal cases in the natural resources field have been filed and investigated, more than 4,700 criminal suspects have been arrested, more than 3,700 related cases have been cracked, and a number of "sand tyrants" and "mine tyrants" who have committed crimes against the wind have been eradicated. ”, effectively maintaining a good natural ecological environment.

  During the special operation, local public security organs actively cooperated with relevant departments to reorganize and investigate the clues and clues related to gangs and crimes in recent years, and organized police to go deep into key areas such as project sites, factories and mines, and rivers, and pay close attention to mining, sales, transportation, etc. Conduct a comprehensive survey of the links, carefully check, analyze and judge the clues reported by the relevant people one by one, laying a good foundation for the implementation of precise crackdowns and rectifications; insist on opening the way and promoting governance by cracking down. Listed to supervise the handling, comprehensively used methods such as promotion of jurisdiction and use of police in different places, concentrated efforts to focus on key problems, carried out centralized network collection operations, and detected a number of underworld criminal cases involving a wide range, great social influence, and strong public response, and dig deep to crack down. A group of underworld criminal gangs involved in the field of natural resources; insisted that investigation and case handling should be carried out simultaneously with "breaking money and breaking blood", making every effort to recover the ill-gotten wealth accumulated by underworld forces, and at the same time strengthening cooperation with discipline inspection and supervision departments to dig deep "Umbrella" clues in cases involving gangs and crimes, and punish those who constitute shelter and connivance in a timely manner according to law; strengthen cooperation with natural resources, ecological environment, water conservancy, agriculture and rural affairs and other departments, strengthen joint rectification, source rectification, comprehensive rectification, and implement Working systems such as information sharing, handover of clues, and notification and feedback have strengthened patrol inspections, adhered to joint investigation and control, and strengthened supervision, which has effectively promoted industry governance.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security stated that the public security organs will continue to strengthen the crackdown on cases with a highly responsible attitude to the party and the people, further consolidate and expand the results of the crackdown on "sand tyrants" and "mine tyrants", and promote the development of special operations in depth and resolutely. Win the battle to protect the clear waters and lush mountains, and take practical actions to welcome the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress.