Despite the large increase, it is not a given that the interest rate is rising, according to Robert Boije, who refers to the large differences between the financial market forecasts and the Riksbank's own and less gloomy outlook.

- We probably still believe in the future that the variable interest rate will be closer to the Riksbank than the market.

Should we raise mortgage rates more then we will push the Swedish economy into decline and therefore we believe that the Riksbank will choose a slightly more cautious strategy, he says and adds:

- It is easy to run away and become more worried than you need to be and therefore I mention that there are many different assessments.

Possible benefits for several groups

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Mohammed Salih, savings economist at Fundler and Maria Landeborn, savings economist at Danske Bank on the interest rate announcement.

Photo: SVT / TT

After a boom during the pandemic, prices in the housing market have slowed - and the downturn is expected to continue.

It may benefit first-time buyers.

- If you have waited in the housing market and have the down payment ready, you can at least avoid the real price increase from the starting price that we have had for many years now, says Shoka Åhrman, savings economist at SPP, to Morgonstudion in SVT.

Both she and her professional colleague Anders Wallström, head of forecasting at Swedbank, say that it is difficult to "time in" the housing market, but that those who currently rent or have another housing solution can now have a greater opportunity to buy their first home.  

- If you are in a situation where you are on your way into the housing market, for example if you are a young or newly arrived immigrant, then it can be beneficial, says Anders Wallström. 

Pandemic buyers can be negatively affected 

A particularly vulnerable group are those who bought their first home when prices were at their highest and thus have relatively large mortgages.

- If you already feel 'I will not fix this' then you can consider switching to a simpler home as long as you get a price that covers the loan.

the problem is that housing prices are falling, says Robert Boije at SBAB.

- Whether to tie up your loans or not is the delicate question.

Those who did it last autumn have, in the end, won it.

What you should ask yourself is whether you think that the variable interest rate will remain lower than the fixed interest rate.

Here you can calculate how an increase in mortgage rates will affect your finances