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News summary on the way home from work, Subsletter Evening.

Ahead of the 8/28 Democratic National Convention, lawmakers are coming out one after another, who have declared a challenge to the party. You either paid or are struggling.

Rep. Jae-myung Lee's candidacy also seems to be a matter of time. Can '97 Group' turn against Rep. Jae-myung Lee, the protagonist of 'Eo Dae-myung' (the party leader is Jae-myung Lee anyway)?

Kang Hospital, the first challenge in the '97 group'

It was Kang Hospital, a member of the '97 group' (student number in the 1990s, born in the 1970s) who fired the signal to declare a challenge to the party, who was re-elected in 1971.

In his declaration of candidacy for the party leader yesterday (29th), Rep. Kang explained the background of his candidacy by saying, "I am running for the party leader to overcome the party's crisis and leadership crisis and create a new Democratic Party."

When asked how Lee Jae-myung would compete if he ran for office, he said, "There is a fear that the people responsible for successive defeats come out and confront each other as a factional fight in the eyes of the Korean people." I did.

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Aren't there fears that the people responsible for our Party's successive defeats will come out and confront each other as a factional fight in the eyes of our people?

It is remarkable that 35 out of 48 re-elected lawmakers expressed such an opinion.

The elders and the senior leaders of the party are also talking about it.

I think what our party needs is to go to unity, to emerge new people who can represent change and innovation, and to create a squadron that gives our people new hope and hope for the Democratic Party.

On CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show' on CBS Radio today (30th), Rep. Kang compared Rep. Jae-myung Lee to pitcher Dong-ryeol Seon and said that it is time to rest, not to go out every game and run out.

(Rep. Jae-myung Lee) is a valuable asset of our party.

How can we use this precious asset to win the Democratic Party's victory in five years?

Seon Dong-yeol, a starting pitcher and the best pitcher, isn't he?

Would it be good if this pitcher Dong-Yeol Seon played every day?

If you become a starting pitcher every day, it's Seon Dong-yeol.

For the club, and for pitcher Seon Dong-yeol, and for the many fans who support the club, this will lead to dire consequences.

No matter what Rep. Kang says, Lee Jae-myung's candidacy is becoming a known fact, but Rep. Park Yong-jin threw a stone ball saying let's have a match with Rep. Jae-myung Lee in the squadron.

Park Yong-jin "Lee Jae-myung, let's stick together"

Rep. Park Yong-jin held a press conference today (30th) and formalized the party's challenge by saying, "I will change the resignation of 'Eo Dae-myung' (the party leader is Lee Jae-myung anyway) into a heart-pounding expectation of Park Yong-jin."

"Come out, Rep. Jae-myung Lee. I'm telling you to stick with Yong-jin Park over what kind of innovation you think you are." He said, "It is not right to repeat the phrase 'Is there an alternative other than Jae-myung Lee' without saying what reform and innovation are? ", he also urged Rep. Jae-myung Lee to run for party leader.

If I had not run, I would oppose Rep. Jae-myung Lee's candidacy, but I have no choice but to say that we should compete fiercely for innovation in the field of running for office.

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Rep. Jae-myung Lee, come out.

I'm telling you to stick with the Democratic Party's innovation, what kind of innovation you think it is.

I think we need to talk about what the reform is and what the innovation is.

It is not right to say that there is an alternative other than Lee Jae-myung.

I said that if I was an objective member of parliament, the Lee Jae-myung single-shot sales ceremony should not be exhausted.

Tell me what innovation is.

I want to say, 'Let's stick together with the direction and content of innovation'.

I think it's something we can talk about during the sub-election process, regardless of whether we are responsible or not in the last presidential election and local elections.

Kang Hoon-sik "Declaration of the Sunday Party Challenge"

Rep. Kang Hoon-sik and Rep. Park Yong-jin announced their challenge to the party, and Rep. Kang Hoon-shik also announced that he would announce his candidacy this Sunday.

If this happens, three out of the four people (Kang Byung-won, Kang Hoon-sik, Park Yong-jin, and Park Ju-min) who are called ‘Ryanggang Yangbak’ of ‘97 Group’ will be competing for power.

Rep. Park Jumin is also said to be contemplating running for office.

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The atmosphere of the 97th group can be said to have been formed when pro-municipal lawmakers Hong Young-pyo and Jeon Hae-cheol one after another decided not to run.

In addition, it is said that Rep. Lee In-young, the representative of the '86 group' (students in the 80's, born in the 60's) had a breakfast meeting with Yanggang Yang-bak lawmakers and asked them to play the role of the national convention.

It is said that there has been a conversation about the need for the 97th group to challenge the party's power for a generational change. Rep. Lee In-young said, "The theory of generational change must not disappear. You must decide and play a role. Declaring candidacy is in line with the demands of party members. It is said to have been said.

Besides 'Ryanggang Yangbak', other members of the 97th group can also be expected to run for office.

Despite Lee Jae-myung's silence, the 'Eo Dae-myung' airflow spreads

Rep. Jae-myung Lee is silent about the party challenge.

There were also media reports that candidate Lee Jae-myung had solidified his decision to run, but this was denied by lawmaker Lee.

He maintained the position that he had not yet made a decision, saying, "I am hearing various opinions from various classes about the direction the party will take after the presidential and branch elections."

There is no declaration of candidacy or no declaration of candidacy.

Meanwhile, even today (30th), a member of the Democratic Party of Korea posted an article titled 'When focusing on the people's livelihood, not politics.. I request the ruling party' on SNS, and decided to hold a plenary session for the election of the second half of the National Assembly on July 4th. Political activities such as attending general meetings are continuing.

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Rep. Jae-myung Lee doesn't say it out loud, but it would be correct to see that he was on the verge of running for office.

There is also an atmosphere in the political arena that makes Lee's candidacy a reality, such as Park Ji-won, former head of the National Intelligence Service, taking Lee's candidacy for granted.

The opinion of politicians is that Rep. Lee is seeing an opportunity to declare his candidacy while he is determined to run for office, so the current of 'Eo Dae-myung' (the party leader is Lee Jae-myung anyway) is established in the Democratic Party.

Is it possible to change the Jeonse reversal?

Will Rep. Jae-myung Lee, who has the ‘one-top’ approval rating as the saying goes ‘Eo Dae-myung’, will take over the party?

Or will the 97th group achieve a reversal of the charter by breaking the 'Eo Daemyung' current?

Former NIS Director Park Ji-won said this openly on CBS' 'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show'.

"Kang Byung-won, Park Yong-jin, I'm sorry to these people, but I think Rep. Lee Jae-myung will be elected"

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As member Kang Byung-won of the 97th group boldly declared his candidacy yesterday in the lifeless Democratic Party, I feel like, 'There is hope rather than becoming that house.'

(..) From my point of view, Rep. Jae-myung Lee will run for office, and if I look closely now, I am sorry to Kang Byung-won, Yong-jin Park, and people like this, but I think Rep. Jae-myung Lee will be elected.

Former President Park Ji-won also advised about the four 'Ranggang Yangbak', "Unify (the party's representative candidate) and compete one-on-one (with Lee Jae-myung, standing advisor) to create a new wind."

There are other opinions.

Rep. Jo Eung-cheon explained the structure of the party competition by saying, "If you simplify it, it can be seen as Lee Jae-myung vs. 97 (generation)" on MBC radio's 'Kim Jong-bae's Focus'.

He also predicted unusual events, saying, "If only the flow changes, if there is a wind, we will go to the Democratic Party that wins and the new Democratic Party."

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◆ Assemblyman Cho Eung-cheon: If the flow changes, let's go to the Democratic Party that wins whenever there is a wind, let's go to the new Democratic Party.

◇ Moderator: Then, what is the most important thing that causes that wind? Of course, it is innovation and change. Some abstract words like this can come out, but how do you feel and imprint it? What kind of campaign should it be? do you do

◆ Rep. Eung-Chun Cho: Regarding the Democratic Party of the past five years, we need to thoroughly reflect on whether we have properly served the people or whether we have served, and there must be a fundamental new reform.

For that to happen, new wine must come in new bottles, and a whole new person must come out.

Depending on how the winds of generational change develop, 'Eo Dae-myung' may shake or collapse.

But for now, Lee Jae-myung's 'Eo Dae-myung' is strong and there is a high possibility that he will become the 'Lee Jae-myung-ho Democratic Party'.

a piece of the day

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This is the largest exchange of prisoners of war since the war in Zaporiza, Ukraine.

Ukraine announced that it had exchanged 144 prisoners of war with Russia, including 95 captured during resistance at the Azoustal Works.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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