Cassidy Hutchinson is only twenty-six and has already made the history of American democracy.

Like no one before her, she explained in detail to the investigative committee into the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, how the then incumbent but deselected President of the United States behaved on that day and how Donald Trump confirmed the election of his successor Joe Biden wanted to prevent.

He ordered Secret Service officials to allow armed supporters to the White House, he wanted to take the gunmen to the Capitol, and even grabbed his driver's wheel to lead the mob that was nearly crushing American democracy that day would have done.

Is that the Smoking Gun?

One can only admire the heroine bravery of Cassidy Hutchinson, who is under threat and under police protection.

She has the courage that her bosses in Trump's entourage didn't have: to say that the boss is going nuts, is finally turning into an autocrat in his delusion of omnipotence and is abolishing democracy.

Is that testimony before the committee the famous "smoking gun," CNN host Jake Tapper wants to know.

So the point at which the tide turns?

Yes, she is, says Alyssa Farah Griffin, once White House communications director.

And: Cassidy Hutchinson understood the "magnitude of the moment".

One would like to wish others (keyword "turn of the era") their sense of the - historical - meaning, for the size of the moment.

You wish them on everyone.

Because if such a moment is missed, if there are only kippers and toadies like Rudy Giuliani on hand, you end up in the Putin system.

Its loudspeaker, the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, said in his warmonger show in Moscow on the day when the future of democracy was at stake in Washington: "Stalin's mistake was to let Germany exist." Solovyov left no doubt that he could revise it at any time without great effort.

Donald Trump spreads “trash talk”

Donald Trump, on the other hand, was as vile as we know him.

He commented on every statement by Cassidy Hutchinson almost live and spread "Trash Talking" on his platform "Truth Social".

He never said or even thought: "Hang Mike Pence".

That was made up or fake news.

He hardly knows Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump wrote, but then remembered her well enough to know that he personally declined her request to go with his team to Florida after his term in office.

She was very upset and angry because he rejected her.

Now take revenge.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Trump, who throws food when something doesn't suit him, tries it with such a small diamond.

But now even the screamers on Fox News are having a hard time belittling this man's stupidity and dangerousness.

That was Trump's "political obituary," says Watergate investigator Bob Woodward on CNN.

To complete that, there is still the indictment of Trump and his legal adviser John Eastman for attempted coup d'etat.

Because of an attempted coup that was only narrowly defeated because some did the right thing.