Concentrate on major and important cases, and make every effort to promote the recovery of stolen goods and damages.

  □ Our reporter Dong Fanchao

  If the elderly are uneasy, the family will be uneasy, and if the family is uneasy, the society will be uneasy.

In April of this year, a special campaign targeting the "cancer" of pension fraud was kicked off nationwide with thunderous momentum.

  Led by the Ping An China Construction Coordination Group, a national special action office for cracking down on pension fraud was established. The Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, the Central Internet Information Office, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs are members of the office to jointly promote the special action. , to release a strong signal and clear direction to the whole society to uphold justice and promote righteousness.

  Deeply plant the feelings of the people and respond to the expectations of the people.

  The public security organs across the country will target all kinds of fraudulent crimes that violate the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, continue to strengthen the search for clues, unblock the public reporting channels, and focus on major cases. Powerful offensive.

  A reporter from the "Rules of Law Daily" recently learned from the Ministry of Public Security that according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, public security organs across the country closely combined with the "Hundred Days Action" to crack down on the rectification of public security in summer, and further promote the special campaign to crack down on pension fraud. There were more than 7,880 cases of human rights and interests, more than 17,510 criminal suspects were arrested, more than 1,040 illegal and criminal gangs were destroyed, and economic losses of more than 8.4 billion yuan were recovered for the people, and significant phased results were achieved.

  high push

  Carrying out special actions is not only the urgent desire of the general public, especially the elderly, but also a practical measure to maintain a national and peaceful social environment.

  As the main force of the special operation, the public security organs are duty-bound.

  On April 19, the Ministry of Public Security convened a special action deployment meeting for public security organs across the country to crack down on pension fraud, deploying public security organs at all levels to open the way and take multiple measures to quickly set off a climax of crackdown and rectification work.

Provincial (urban) public security organs have successively carried out systematic deployments, resolutely punished elder bullying behaviors in accordance with laws and regulations, and achieved "deployment, promotion, communication, and evaluation."

  The Shandong Provincial Public Security Department incorporated the effectiveness of the special action into the safety construction evaluation system at all levels, established and improved the work responsibility system, strengthened the supervision of cases, clues and problems in key areas, and ensured that various measures were implemented and effective.

  The public security organs of Shaanxi Province have adopted the measures of "leaders, severance, supervision and supervision" to supervise and guide the special operations, respectively arresting a number of key cases, promoting the crackdown of cases, and strengthening the promotion of investigation and supervision of key cases, and making every effort to promote the in-depth development of special operations.

  The Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department takes the strengthening of supervision and assessment as the starting point, strictly assesses rewards and punishments, strengthens supervision and inspection, promotes the transmission of pressure from the provincial department to the municipal bureaus at all levels, ensures good facts, evidence, procedures and the application of laws, and implements responsibilities to people. Posts, and strive to form a strict chain of responsibility with one level of control and one level of implementation.

  Comprehensive measures

  "Recently, many elderly people in my community have a meeting in the square. I don't know what to promote. I want to tell you about this situation..." "A free water purifier, the purified water can also cure diabetes and high blood pressure, but the installation fee It costs 800 yuan for one filter element..." In the special action office of Yantai City, Shandong Province, the phone rang from time to time, and there were a steady stream of reports involving pension fraud.

  As the "strongest brain" of the city's special action, the special office must quickly find out the real situation reflected by the clues, and according to the work requirements of "discussing difficult and complex clues, discussing and making judgments, and quickly transferring simple clues", it will jointly study and judge with member units, and then transfer It will be sent to the strike team, rectification team, relevant member units and special offices of various districts and cities.

  "According to the "Guidelines for Verification of Reporting Clues" process, within 10 days of receipt of real-name reporting clues, the responsible unit must contact the whistleblower to investigate the case. The verification period does not exceed 25 days, during which the comprehensive team must follow up on the clues, within 10 days after the verification is over Contact the whistleblower to inform the verification conclusion." The relevant person in charge of the special office of Yantai City said.

  Public security organs in various places have set up special offices to receive whistle-blowers, and immediately announce to the public the telephone number, mailbox and email address for reporting, extensively collect clues about old-age fraud and crimes, and establish and improve the mechanism for checking and disposing of clues, so as to achieve "clear information, clear information, and clear information." Standard", providing precise guidance for crackdown and rectification.

  Public security organs in Guangxi, Ningxia and other places took the initiative to strengthen cooperation with functional departments such as civil affairs, health care, and medical insurance, expand the source of clues, and sort out a number of important clues.

  The public security organs in Anhui, Gansu and other places mobilized community police, police stations, grid personnel, etc. to go deep into the community streets in their jurisdictions, carry out laws, regulations and policy publicity, mobilize the elderly in their jurisdictions to actively report fraud clues, and take action against unbroken criminals in the past five years. Involved in pension fraud cases, discovered cases, and police intelligence, proactively dig deep into the line, dig deep into hidden cases, and concatenate and accumulate cases.

  fight and cure

  76 cases involving pension fraud were cracked, 215 suspects were arrested, and 12 gangs were taken down... This is a report card handed over by the public security organ of Wuhan City, Hubei Province since the special operation.

  During the operation, Wuhan police established a special action leading group to crack down on pension fraud and crimes, clarifying the responsibilities and tasks of various police types such as criminal investigation, economic investigation, public security, legal system, network security, internal security, and inspectors, and detailed measures to quickly set off a climax of crackdown .

At the same time, in key areas and key institutions, we will carry out investigations, centralized rectification, and resolutely eradicate the soil of fraud; together with industry competent authorities, we will improve access, approval, management and other mechanisms to increase the cost of defrauding criminals and squeeze the criminal space.

  Based on the symptoms, it is necessary to treat the root causes.

  Not only in Wuhan, but the idea of ​​simultaneously attacking and treating has been fully reflected in the practice of public security organs in many places.

All localities will strengthen the handling of cases in accordance with the law and explore strategies to solve the problem in parallel, striving to achieve the organic unity of political and social effects.

  On the basis of integrating internal resources, the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau proactively communicated with the procuratorial, judicial organs and other member units around the links of clue screening, special investigation and handling, and industry rectification, improved relevant laws and policies, strengthened the execution mechanism, and blocked the industry. Regulatory loopholes.

  Heilongjiang, Shaanxi and other public security organs have intensified their efforts to recover stolen goods and restore damages, and at the same time, they have also stepped up cooperation with legal inspection organs, housing and urban-rural development departments to seal up, seize and freeze the property involved in the case in a timely manner, and resolutely prevent criminal suspects from hiding, fleeing, Transfer property and take multiple measures to comprehensively improve the recovery rate of cases.

  On this basis, local public security organs have carried out publicity and education activities in multiple rounds with full coverage, which has effectively improved the anti-fraud awareness and anti-fraud ability of the elderly.