China News Service, Manila, June 30. The President-elect Ferdinand Romoldz Marcos of the Philippines will hold his inauguration ceremony at the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila at noon on June 30. Everything is now ready.

  According to reports, the day's events will begin with a traditional meeting of the outgoing president and his successor at Malacañang Palace, where President Duterte will receive the outgoing honor, followed by the outgoing president and his successor Those will travel to the inauguration location in a different vehicle.

  The inauguration will begin with the singing of the Philippine national anthem, followed by prayers and a 30-minute military parade.

  After that, the President of the Philippine Senate will read a joint resolution of the two houses of Congress. According to the provisions of the Philippine Constitution, the President-elect will be sworn in at 12:00 noon.

Marcos was advised to use a teleprompter in his inaugural speech to ensure accuracy and flow.

  Philippine singer Chris Viyonko and the Voice of the Philippines Youth Choir will sing "Pilipinas Kong Mahal" as the inaugural song.

  After the inauguration at the National Museum, Marcos will travel to Malacañang Palace for a collective oath with his designated cabinet members and an inaugural dinner.

  In the evening, a concert of thanksgiving will be held.

Marcos personally invited the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the top music groups in the Asia-Pacific region, to perform a serenade, and thanked the people for their strong support.

World-renowned Filipino classical pianist Ceci Licard will perform as a soloist.

  According to reports, during the morning event, Marcos will wear the modern barong, which is inspired by the rayadillo, the traditional military uniform of the Spanish era.

Multi-award winning designer Pepito Albert designed the aforementioned baron, as well as the fully embroidered baron from Tarr that Marcos wore to the evening event.

  Albert also designed the Terno that Marcos' wife Lisa will wear, as well as gowns for his three sons, his mother, former First Lady Imelda, and his sister, Erin Marcos.

  The President and First Lady will showcase the nation's craftsmanship by using shoes made in the Philippines.

  On the 29th, the Philippine authorities announced plans for road closures and traffic diversions for the presidential inauguration.

Attendees are required to have a negative nucleic acid test 48 hours prior to the event, be vaccinated or boosted, and comply with minimum public health standards; bring drinking water in clear plastic containers and transparent bags for personal necessities.