• The UCPA Sport Station Hostel Paris opened in mid-June at 198, rue d'Aubervilliers in the 19th arrondissement, where backpackers and sports enthusiasts rub shoulders.

  • The sports multiplex is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is accessible by Parisians and tourists residing in the youth hostel.

  • The ambition of the UCPA is to succeed in mixing these two clienteles via sporting events or not.

Funny mix.

Since June 13, the multiplex signed UCPA, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, has welcomed both Parisian sportsmen and young tourists.

Badminton, fitness room, climbing walls, padel courts or yoga room alongside 230 beds.

Although the National Union of Outdoor Sports Centers is aware that the typical clientele of a youth hostel is not the same as that of a "multiplex" in the heart of the capital, it has set itself the objective of bringing them together in one place and bringing them together.

The UCPA realizes that young visitors to the capital prefer the sweat of the weight rooms to the gentleness of the banks of the Seine.

She still offers to discover Paris by practicing sport.

From rollerblading to nocturnal getaways on a scooter, including running races at the Buttes Chaumont, she takes on the role of sports guide.

For the most athletic residents, if visits and outings are not enough, the UCPA provides them with the entire multiplex.

For 9.90 euros, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., they can have access to all the activities on offer, and thus mingle with the Parisians who have come to exercise.

Attracting Parisian youth to the multiplex

What better way to visit Paris than to meet a guide of your age?

This is the opportunity that the UCPA offers with this hybrid complex.

For this, it must attract young Parisians.

Sportingly, the activities offered are diverse, but above all rare in the capital.

The multiplex has set up the first two padel halls in Paris.

Activities that the UCPA wishes to make accessible to young people, by offering them reductions on prices "already very low", according to Frédéric Carnier, the director of the site.

To bring binding to the complex, the UCPA organizes events.

From Saturday, a "4 rackets" tournament (badminton, table tennis, padel and squash) takes place.

Sport is good, but the UCPA, with fifty years of experience with young people, knows that it also thrives on outings.

DJ set, broadcast of matches, evenings at the bar: meetings are also held with a drink in hand!


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