At this summit, President Yun Seok-yeol met Japanese Prime Minister Kishida several times face-to-face.

After the meeting, President Yoon said that he could become a partner to develop relations between the two countries, so let's connect Tokyo to see what's going on from the Japanese side.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin, how is the meeting between the two leaders evaluated in Japan?


Yes, there are evaluations that it has taken the first step in improving Korea-Japan relations, which is the worst after the war.

This is because cooperation with South Korea is more important than anything else in the face of real threats, such as North Korea's missile and nuclear tests, from Japan's point of view.

[Kishida/Prime Minister of Japan: Even in the event of a North Korean nuclear test, South Korea, the United States, and Japan will respond together, including joint exercises.]

The Japanese side also expects the frozen South Korea-Japan relationship to gradually loosen amid the South Korean side's strong will to improve relations. It's an atmosphere.


So, in Japan, do you feel the atmosphere of trying to resolve relations with Korea somehow?


Yes, President Yun Seok-yeol said about Prime Minister Kishida, "I was convinced that we could become a partner to develop bilateral relations."

However, Japan has not yet reached that level.

The contents of the talks between the leaders of South Korea and Japan revealed yesterday (29th) are also subtly different.

Our presidential office said, "Let's make efforts for Prime Minister Kishida to develop into a healthier Korea-Japan relationship," while the Japanese Prime Minister's Office said, "I hope that Prime Minister Kishida will make every effort to return to a healthy Korea-Japan relationship."

It's not about working together, it's about asking President Yoon for a solution to forced mobilization or the breach of the comfort women agreement.

The Japanese media also reported that the Korea-Japan summit was initially promoted at NATO, but was canceled due to the issue of a survey vessel around Dokdo.

In the end, unless the difference between Korea and Japan, who insisted on working together, and Japan, that we have done everything we have to do, be narrowed, it seems unlikely that Korea-Japan relations will be easy for the time being.

(Video coverage: Han Cheol-min, Moon Hyun-jin, video editing: Park Sun-soo)

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