In Israel in the Middle East, the coalition government, which was just launched last year, stalled in administration and dissolved the parliament on the 30th of last month.

The fifth general election in three and a half years will be held in November, highlighting the political turmoil ahead of US President Joe Biden's visit to Israel this month.

In Israel, the coalition government was not stable due to the conflict between the right-wing power centered on former Prime Minister Netanyahu, who had been in power for many years, and other powers, and elections were repeated, but in June last year, they gathered in anti-Netanyahu. A coalition government of eight political parties has been established.

However, some lawmakers withdrew from the differences in policies and philosophies within the coalition government, and in June, the administration got stuck, and on the 30th of last month, a bill for the dissolution of the parliament was adopted and the parliament was dissolved.

In response to this, the fifth general election will be held on November 1st in three and a half years.

With the dissolution of the parliament, Prime Minister Bennett, who has led the coalition government, has retired, and Mr. Rapid, who was the foreign minister, will be tentatively serving as the prime minister until the inauguration of the cabinet after the election.

In the middle of this month, US President Joe Biden will visit Israel for the first time after taking office, but just before that, the prime minister will be replaced, and the turmoil in Israeli politics is conspicuous.