The image of northern Sweden has become increasingly positive in the past year.

According to a survey, half of Swedes believe in a better development in the northern parts of the country compared to the rest, which is an increase of 41 percent in one year.

18 percent believe in a worse development than for the rest of the country, which is a decrease of 12 percentage points.

However, the survey, which was carried out on behalf of LKAB, to which just over 1,000 people responded, shows that the willingness to move from last year is unchanged.

As before, every third Swede can imagine moving or considering a move to Norrbotten.

The greatest interest is among young people.

Women have previously been more skeptical of the county compared to men, but this figure has now risen.

Now 28 percent can consider a move, which is an increase of three percentage points from last year.

The biggest reasons for not moving north are in turn:

  • Long distances

  • Has no relation to the region

  • That it is dark and cold

The most popular cities to move to in northern Sweden are Umeå, Luleå and Skellefteå.