China Overseas Chinese Network June 30th telegram: Graduated from high school and went to study abroad!

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  Recently, the results of the college entrance examination in various places have been announced one after another. In addition to choosing domestic universities, some candidates and parents also set their sights on foreign universities.

  Different from the domestic admission method, the admission criteria for studying abroad are more complicated. For high school graduates who want to go abroad, how should they get the attention of overseas universities?

Who are the students suitable for studying abroad?

Data map: Graduation ceremonies of American colleges and universities.

What are the ways to study abroad for high school graduates?

  Shan Lianshun, who has been studying abroad for nearly 30 years, said that there are roughly three ways for high school graduates to study abroad.

  The first is to apply for going abroad based on the results of the college entrance examination and foreign language scores.

  Many colleges and universities in the UK and Australia now recognize China's college entrance examination results. If students have obtained language scores that meet the requirements of foreign colleges and universities in high school, and the college entrance examination scores are also good, they can apply.

It is worth noting that most schools require a college entrance examination score of 75% or 80% of the total score.

  Sino-foreign cooperative education is the second way for high school graduates to study abroad.

  "This is further divided into Sino-foreign cooperative schools that are included in the national unified recruitment plan and unplanned cooperative schools." According to Shan Lianshun, choosing a Chinese-foreign cooperative school to be included in the national unified recruitment plan needs to fill in the college entrance examination volunteers, participate in the college entrance examination admission, and be admitted. After that, you can either go to a foreign university that cooperates with Chinese universities in the second stage of your undergraduate study and obtain diplomas issued by both Chinese and foreign schools, or you can stay in an undergraduate university and only take domestic diplomas and degrees.

  The unplanned cooperative education adopts the method of self-enrollment.

Students do not need to fill in the college entrance examination volunteers, they only need to take the school entrance examination.

After enrolling in the school, first obtain the corresponding credits in the Chinese school, pass the language test and then be admitted to the foreign cooperative school, and obtain a diploma issued by the foreign school after graduation.

But at present, such admissions exams are mixed, and parents and students try to choose the programs approved by the official website of the China (Ministry of Education) Study Abroad Service Center.

Data map: Huaqiao University held the 2022 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony.

Photo by Liu Pei

  The third way is to study abroad in one step after the college entrance examination.

  "After the college entrance examination, some students will enter training institutions to learn languages, fully prepare for the application, and hope to be admitted to overseas universities in one step. However, this method is relatively risky. On the one hand, studying abroad will be affected by many factors such as the epidemic and Sino-foreign relations. Most training institutions do not have the ability to resolve these risks. On the other hand, for high school graduates who are not fully prepared, they are more likely to face psychological and language problems after going abroad." Shan Lianshun said.

Data map: Harvard University held a graduation ceremony.

How do prospective students prepare?

  After graduating from high school, Chinese student Ke Jing entered Yosong University in Korea.

She said: "For high school graduates who want to study abroad, they must first understand the customs of the destination country, the school's international student policy and the school's recognition in China in advance. Second, they must have a clear life plan for their future. You have to understand what your purpose of going abroad is, and what kind of work you want to do in the future, even if there is a discrepancy with the plan in the future, it doesn’t matter.”

  Shan Lianshun believes that family and country feelings, communication skills, good self-discipline and hands-on ability are essential qualities for prospective international students.

"If a student is unwilling to communicate with his native family, it will be difficult for him to understand what it means to love the motherland, and even more difficult to learn to communicate with the world."

  "Study abroad should follow the concept of 'golden springboard'. It would be irresponsible for a high school student who has just graduated from the college entrance examination to live alone in an international city. Therefore, prospective international students should form their own understanding of the laws of social operation before going abroad." Shan Lianshun said.

Data map: Candidates entering the test center after receiving the epidemic prevention test.

What will international students gain?

  "For me, studying in South Korea not only learned a language, but also gained a group of friends from all over the world. Everyone helped each other and grew up together. I learned how to respect and understand the living habits, customs and culture of other countries. I can listen to the stories of other people’s hometowns.” Ke Jing said that South Korea’s undergraduate education has enabled her to better integrate into the local society and laid a solid foundation for graduate applications.

  Shan Lianshun believes that after studying abroad, most students have greatly improved their teamwork, communication skills, and self-care skills.

At present, the epidemic has impacted international students, but it also contains opportunities. Some schools have lowered the admission threshold. It can be said that it is relatively easier to enter famous schools.

  Whether they choose to study in China or study abroad, for the majority of students, if they are loyal to their love and study hard, they will definitely go to the mountains and seas.

  (Source of the manuscript: China Overseas Chinese Network WeChat Public Account; ID: qiaowangzhongguo; Author: Xu Wenxin)