China Overseas Chinese Network, June 30th: From July, these new regulations will affect the lives and travel of overseas Chinese!

  In the blink of an eye, July is approaching, and the epidemic prevention and control measures and entry and exit policies of countries around the world have been adjusted.

Xiaoqiao has sorted out the new regulations closely related to overseas Chinese and international students in July. Come and take a look!

Entry and exit dynamics

Spain: Extends restrictions on entry from third-party countries until July 15

  On June 15, local time, the Spanish government issued a decree that due to the public health crisis under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Spain will extend restrictions on third-party countries entering the European Union and countries in the Schengen area through the country until July 15, local time.

Thailand: The latest entry and epidemic prevention measures will be implemented on July 1

  The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand recently issued a navigation announcement to airlines around the world to inform them of the latest epidemic prevention measures for entering Thailand by plane, which will be implemented from July 1.

The main contents of the announcement include: cancellation of the registration of inbound passengers from the Thailand Pass System; passengers who have been fully vaccinated against the new crown virus do not need a nucleic acid test certificate to enter Thailand, and antigen testing is required if they have symptoms; Present a negative test certificate within 72 hours; the airline must check the relevant supporting documents of the passenger, and the airport checkpoint may also check the documents of the inbound personnel again.

Data map: On January 29, 2022, the "Light Up Yaowarat" Spring Festival Lighting Exhibition was held in Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Guoan

Kazakhstan: Air Astana to resume scheduled flights from Almaty to Chengdu from July 1

  Air Astana plans to resume scheduled Almaty-Chengdu-Almaty flights from July 1, with one flight every Friday.

In addition, one more class will be added from July 7.

The flights will be operated by Boeing 767s and Airbus A321NEOs.

Flights will be carried out in strict compliance with hygiene and epidemiological requirements.

At the same time, the resumption of air passenger transport between the two countries will promote the development of bilateral cooperation.

Adjustment of the policy of going to China

Chinese Embassy in Hungary: No longer reviewing and issuing health codes for those who depart from Hungary and transit to China via a third country

  Air China will resume direct flights between China and Hungary in the near future.

From July 28, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Hungary will no longer examine and issue health codes for those who depart from Hungary and transit to China via a third country.

All persons going to China from Hungary should take direct flights to China.

In the event of a direct flight being cut off, one transfer to China is allowed within the cut-off period.

Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh: From July 1, the implementation of centralized closed-loop management of personnel going to China will be suspended

  Starting from July 1, the centralized closed-loop management before boarding for those who take commercial flights from Bangladesh to China has been suspended. The first applicable flight is the US-BANGLA Dhaka-Guangzhou flight on July 2.

Applicable personnel include personnel of Chinese-funded enterprises and other Chinese and foreign citizens; personnel from China on business trips to Bangladesh; crew members who have been reported to the embassy in advance and approved.

Chinese Embassy in Congo (Kinshasa): Adjusting the application procedure for health code for those who depart from Congo (Kinshasa) to China

  After this adjustment, the materials required for the health code application for those who depart from Congo (Kinshasa) to China are as follows: nucleic acid test report sampled within 48 hours before boarding issued by Congo (Kinshasa) legal testing agency A; Congo (Kinshasa) legal testing Nucleic acid test report sampled within 24 hours before boarding issued by agency B; air ticket itinerary; Congo (Kinshasa) valid visa page or other residence certificate; vaccination certificate (if any).

  For those with a history of previous infection, after recovering for more than 14 days, they can apply for a health code with the above materials, but the following additional materials must be provided: recovery certificate, that is, two negative nucleic acid tests issued by a legal testing agency in Congo (Kinshasa) (sampling time interval 24 hours); self-health monitoring form within 14 days after recovery.

Overseas life news

Malaysia: Starting from July 1, financial allocations for Chinese primary schools will be issued successively

  Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Education Ma Hanshun recently pointed out that the 2022 Budget will start disbursing funds for maintenance and upgrading of Chinese primary schools on July 1.

According to the process, the Malaysian Ministry of Education opened applications for funding from March 1 to 31, and submitted it to the county education bureau for review from April 1 to 30, and then to the state education bureau from May 1 to 31.

Between June 1st and 30th, the Ministry of Education's asset management will review relevant documents, which is the last step before disbursing the grants, which will begin on July 1st.

New Zealand: Children can get free flu vaccine from July 1

  To reduce pressure on the healthcare system, children in New Zealand will be able to get a free flu vaccine from July 1, and from June 28, anyone over the age of 50 in New Zealand and health, aged care and accessible care workers over the age of 30 are eligible A second booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is available.

As for whether masks must be worn in schools, the Minister for Epidemic Response said that there is currently no mandate, but masks are encouraged in schools.

Japan: From July 1 to expand the scope of travel expenses subsidies to the whole country

  A few days ago, the Japanese government decided to expand the tourist discount "prefectural discount" provided by the prefectures, which expired at the end of June, to the whole country of Japan.

From July 1, local time, the scope of the travel support measure "Prefectural Discount", which subsidizes travel expenses for each region, will be expanded nationwide using the long-suspended travel support measure "Go To Travel" Part of the budget is expected to have a scale of 800 billion yen.

Data map: On March 28, 2022, the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan were in full bloom, and the people were immersed in the sea of ​​flowers to check in the beauty of spring.

Overseas Chinese News

Hainan: From July 1, enterprises enjoying the policy of stable job return will be expanded to the whole province

  A few days ago, the Hainan Provincial Information Office held a special press conference on "Relief and Relief Human Resources and Social Assistance".

Tie Gang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, introduced that Hainan Province has adopted policies such as "reduction + rebate + subsidy + reduction" to help enterprises benefit the people and relieve difficulties.

It is reported that from July 1, 2022, the unemployment insurance fund will be managed in a unified and centralized manner across the province, and enterprises that enjoy the policy of stable job return will be expanded to the whole province.

Guangdong: From July 1st, the provincial level coordination of unemployment insurance funds will be implemented

  From July 1, 2022, Guangdong Province will begin to implement provincial-level coordination of unemployment insurance funds.

By improving the overall level of unemployment insurance, on the one hand, the mutual aid function of the fund and the ability to resist risks will be further improved, and the provincial people's government will establish a floating rate mechanism to reduce the rate for employers with stable employment; Insurance benefits are calculated monthly according to 90% of the minimum listed wage at the prefecture level and above where unemployment insurance benefits are received.

Jiangsu: The 2nd Huaihe Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference in Huai'an, China will be held in July

  The 2nd Huaihe Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference in Huai'an, China, with the theme of "Gathering Chinese Entrepreneurs to Create a Green Highland", will be held in Huai'an, Jiangsu in July.

It is reported that the 2nd Huaihe Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference will start from new economic development trends and industrial development hotspots. Chinese businessmen at home and abroad will discuss topics such as "project cooperation", "industrial upgrading", "Yangtze River Delta integration" and "digital economy".

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