The French Football Federation has had its training center at Clairefontaine for decades, and England for a decade at St. George's Park in the Midlands.

One football nation attributes their world championship titles in 1998 and 2018 to this, while the other also uses this to justify the upswing of the past few years.

Now the German Football Association finally has its campus.

The term was deliberately taken from the jargon of the universities, since the DFB wants to practice there more than shooting and one-two.

The new training center is intended to set standards in sports science in particular and contribute to future success.

For Frankfurt, the opening of the campus is an important sport-political success.

This not only ensures that the association remains in the city.

A migration of the DFB, which was certainly in the room in the long search for a new location, would probably have triggered thoughts of migration in many other sports associations that have their home in the Otto-Fleck-Schneise in the vicinity of the DFB headquarters.

reduce alienation

For the DFB, staying in Frankfurt is also an opportunity that shouldn't be missed by the walls, which are too high and unfriendly in some places: the urban location of the campus can help to reduce the alienation between fans and commercial football to dismantle

The association would be well advised to open up to the one-two with the people in its neighborhood from time to time and to let the Frankfurt children get a taste of big football on the site, instead of doing their thing like a solitaire, isolated from the outside world.

It is true that the men's national team, for whom the accommodation facilities are said to be insufficient than for the female comrades who have been training there recently, will not be a guest in Frankfurt.

But the spirit will still blow on the site and can inspire children and young people to choose their country again.

The city, which has put off horse lovers for the association and provided a prime piece of urban planning, should be self-confident enough to hold the DFB accountable.

She can certainly also point out that the home of Eintracht Frankfurt, according to their own style "Europe's best team", knows how to trigger enthusiasm for football at the latest after their success in the Europa League.