In the midsummer season, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Wuhan, Hubei Province to start his sixth domestic inspection this year.

  On the afternoon of June 28, Xi Jinping came to Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. to learn about the development of the optoelectronic information industry in Hubei Province and the development of core technologies, and to carefully observe the display of innovative achievements in the chip industry.

In the enterprise laser science and technology museum, the semiconductor panel laser intelligent equipment production workshop, inspect the laser technology industry application exhibits.

In front of the workshop building, Xi Jinping communicated cordially with the employees of the enterprise, pointing out that this generation must undertake the glorious mission of innovation.

  Later, Xi Jinping came to Zhiyuan Community, Zuoling Street, Donghu High-tech Zone, and listened to the introduction of normalized epidemic prevention and control and post-epidemic community governance in Hubei Province, emphasizing that the guidelines and policies for epidemic prevention and control determined by the Party Central Committee must be unswervingly adhered to.

In the volunteer service room, Xi Jinping encouraged community workers, party members and cadres, and volunteers to strengthen the front line of prevention and control.

Xi Jinping learned about the Party building's leadership in grassroots community governance and convenience services, communicated cordially with community cadres and the masses, and expressed sincere condolences to everyone and to community workers across the country.

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