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Before knowing the secret of these wonders, it is important to understand what we mean.

Natural pools are

apparently watertight cavities

that, in one way or another,

manage to connect with the sea

without the intervention of any human being.


privileged environment

allows you to enjoy the ocean and its refreshing breeze either with yourself, with family or friends.

Natural pools are usually made of rock, although there are also sand pools.

For its formation, the existence of flat but irregular coastal lands close to the sea is necessary.

And this is where the

volcanic origin of the Canary Islands

plays a fundamental role.

First, we must look at the strange strips of volcanoes or, what is the same, that flat land located on the seashore that has been formed by the lava or volcanic material that has come off the slope of a cliff .

These strips or deltas sculpt the coasts of the archipelago and the sea has tamed them with ancient patience.

Centuries of

erosion and tidal changes

have shaped these very special pools in the Atlantic itself.

Immersing yourself in them is a pleasure, especially when the best climate in the world allows you to

enjoy them for most of the year


El Charco Azul: a genius, the work of volcanoes

Excellent natural pools run along almost the entire Canarian coast, but

El Hierro

is, without a doubt, a safe bet to get to know some of these wonders.

The island treasures several examples, but one stands out in particular: the

Charco Azul


At the foot of a cliff

, in the town of El Golfo, this natural pool is

covered by an imposing basalt roof

that gives it an irresistible mysticism.

A place of peace and turquoise waters on the very first line of the Atlantic, equipped with a solarium, different jumping areas and even an

open-air pool

for those who prefer to also enjoy the sun.

If we talk about puddles, we cannot ignore its homonym palm tree.

This other Charco Azul is located in San Andrés y Sauces, and has the honor of being the

most complete natural pool

on the entire island of La Palma.

Its multiple services, accessibility and respect for the environment have earned it international recognition such as the Ecoplayas flag.

The paradise of natural pools, uncovered

The Canary Islands are

synonymous with nature, beaches, gastronomy and, also, natural pools


If El Hierro and La Palma have representative examples of these formations, the rest of the islands are not far behind and have their own treasures.

In the town of La Guancha, north of Tenerife, are the

Charco del Viento

and the

Charco Verde


Only a ten minute drive apart and easily accessible, both offer a unique way to enjoy these waters.

Gran Canaria also offers many alternatives when it comes to taking a dip in a natural pool.

For example,

El Agujero

, located in Gáldar, or the spectacular

Roque Prieto

, in Santa María de la Guía.

In Lanzarote,

Los Charcones stands out, a complex of natural pools

of different sizes, and in Fuerteventura, the enormous

turquoise pool formed on the sand

of the

Laguna de Playa Barca


The little sisters of the archipelago have nothing to envy their elders.

To the north of La Gomera we find the

Hermigua pool

, an imposing natural setting with four large columns.

And in La Graciosa, some areas of the black volcanic stone coast hide wonders that are only visible at low tide.

Unknown even to Google Maps, it is necessary to come here to enjoy one of the -few- secrets of this world yet to be discovered.


But let's return to El Hierro, as there are still many natural pools to discover.

And there are for all tastes.

For lovers of open spaces and the wildest nature,

Charco de los Sargos


Charco Manso

are a great choice.

It is especially recommended to visit the latter with diving goggles since, due to the volcanic origin of the pool, it is possible to see

a multitude of fish

at a shallow depth.

La Maceta

, in the El Golfo valley, is the

right option for families

with children.

A comfortable location and tremendously calm waters distributed in puddles of different sizes.

And for those who want something more than the best bath, there are options such as the

Pozo de las Calcosas

, a natural pool located in a unique fishing village in the north of the island, and the

La Caleta

pools , well-kept natural pools near a archaeological site and in whose waters you can swim, scuba dive and even contemplate the waterfall that forms on days of full tide.

To discover more curiosities about the Canary Islands, go



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