Unemployment rate falls in Russia to its lowest level in history

The unemployment rate in Russia fell to a new historical low of 3.9%, after the minimum unemployment was 4% last April, the Russian Statistics Authority "Rostat" announced, on Wednesday.

Rosstat data indicates: "In May 2022, 2.9 million people aged 15 years and over were classified as unemployed (according to the ILO methodology). In May, the unemployment rate for the population aged 15 years and over was 3.9%. (without excluding the seasonal factor).

It added that by the end of May 2022, 0.9 million unemployed citizens were registered in the employment service agencies, of whom 0.7 million were not working, including 0.5 million people who received unemployment benefits.

The number of the unemployed rose to 851,000 people, compared to 847,000 people at the end of last April.

Russia, through the state program "Strengthening Employment of the Population", seeks to create conditions for the formation of a culture of safe work and increase the effectiveness of measures aimed at preserving the life and health of employees.

According to a government decision published on the official portal of legal information on the Internet, earlier, the level of registered unemployment in Russia by 2030 should not be higher than 1%,

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