"We do not regret" - start the clip and hear the sisters tell about the visitors

It started as a thought that later became a reality.

Leaving managerial careers and managing the farm in a different way.

Few of the guests have heard of the municipality of Tranemo, even fewer the nearest village a few kilometers away.

- We may not have appreciated living this far away when we were teenagers, but now you realize the value of the forest and above all what it can mean for others, says Katarina Svensson.

"It just said bang"

On a small scale, they first baked bread, then expanded it with a café.

But it was when they bought two glass houses and placed them in the middle of the blueberry rice that the international visitors heard about it - despite the fact that a night costs over 3,000 kronor.

- After an article in The Guardian, it just said bang, says Elisabeth Erikson who recently had a couple from Singapore on their honeymoon.

But to travel across half the globe to experience the silence?

- For many, this is unique.

Swedish nature and that you are completely alone, says Elisabeth Erikson.