• Shopping The espadrilles for which Jill Biden collapsed the Salamanca neighborhood

  • Monarchy Queen Letizia receives Jill Biden in a hitherto unknown room in Zarzuela

A music night.


A moment that touched his soul.

Madrid continues to grab headlines

around the world as a result of the NATO summit while the people of Madrid hardly have any options for movement because

the city is armored

on the ground and in the air.

However, only a select few enjoyed

an unforgettable night

after the


that Felipe VI (54) and Queen Letizia (49) offered to the 40 leaders at the Royal Palace, the largest in Western Europe and one of the most spacious of the world.

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Jill Biden

(71) became

the hostess, at the US Embassy

, ​​​​of the

great party

that she offered accompanied by

her granddaughter Maisy Biden


The event was full of endless emotions that the first lady will carry in her heart.

She hairs like spikes when listening to

Luz Casal

(63) singing her emblem song

From her Think of me


Pablo López

(38) played the piano.

Or the quejío of

Israel Fernández

(33), the heir to Camarón de la Isla and Enrique Morente who dazzled everyone.

There was also something more moved with

the vallenato of Carlos Vives

(60), who did not hesitate to post a


with Jill Biden on his official Instagram.

The artist took advantage of the spree to discuss with Mrs. Biden

his social work

through the Tras la perla foundation, with which he tries

to help the most vulnerable

in the Colombian Caribbean town of Santa Marta, where the interpreter of

The bicycle

was born , a theme which he launched with his friend Shakira five years ago.

Not in vain, her hometown is called 'the pearl of America'.

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This unique celebration was also joined by some of the most important voices on both sides of the Atlantic, such as

Alejandro Sanz

(53) with his girlfriend,

Raquel Valdés

(32), who in his interviews makes sure that he is not asked about the singer because she wants to be known for her art;

the soprano

Ainhoa ​​Arteta

(57), shining after the hard times due to health problems and her separation from Matías Urrea;

Albacete-born singer-songwriter


(36) and

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo

(53), in flamenco red, along with her husband,

Narcís Rebollo

(52), president of Universal Music for Spain and Portugal.

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