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Tineco Floor One S3 Washing Vacuum Cleaner: save 90€ by buying it now

To obtain an effective result on the floors of your home without having to iron several times, the ultimate solution is to buy a vacuum cleaner such as the Tineco Floor One S3.

It is currently offered at

€318 instead of €409

at Cdiscount on the occasion of the second markdown in the summer sales.

It is just as capable of vacuuming dust and other small waste strewn on the floor as it is of washing it effectively in a single pass.

This smart broom vacuum cleaner has HEPA filtration and emits only 78 dB in operation.

With its Auto mode, it detects the type of dirt in its path and adapts its cleaning.

To do this, it uses an intelligent ILoopTM sensor that can tell the difference between dry or wet dirt.

It is also capable of self-cleaning to be always ready to resume service.

Discover the Tineco Lavant vacuum cleaner

Dyson V10 Animal +: your ally for clean floors

Dyson vacuum cleaners are as famous for being expensive as they are for performing.

The second markdown of the summer sales is the perfect time to treat yourself to one of these models at a reduced price.

The Dyson V10 Animal + sees its price melt from

479€ to only 349€, i.e. 130€ in immediate savings


With its cyclonic system, it has a very strong suction power.

Its autonomy can reach 60 minutes on a single charge depending on the suction mode chosen.

It can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner thanks to the accessories provided.

It is also formidable in the fight against animal hair with its Radial Root technology.

Discover the Dyson V10 Animal

Dyson V8 Animal +: treat yourself to a Dyson for less than €300

With a reduced price of €80, the Dyson V8 Animal + drops

below the €300 mark


It's the right time to treat yourself to this powerful stick vacuum cleaner.

Between its cyclonic motor, its lightweight design and its articulation up to 90°, dust will disappear from every corner of your home.

It allows you to vacuum both under a sofa and above a cupboard, where dust is stubborn.

Once rested on its docking station, it recharges quickly to resume service as soon as you need it.

It has a maximum autonomy of 40 minutes.

Its collection tray empties without having to touch the dust, allergy sufferers will appreciate.

It comes with several accessories, including 5 different brushes.

Discover the Dyson V8 Animal

Roborock S7: 180€ discount on your robot vacuum cleaner

Among robot vacuum cleaners, the Roborock stand out for their quality combined with a smart floor mopping function.

Imagine coming home from work and finding your apartment completely vacuumed and washed without you having to make the slightest effort.

All you have to do is empty the tank and check the water level.

You can afford this concentrate of technology for only

€419 instead of €599.

It is fast and efficient while remaining fairly quiet with a noise level of 72 dB.

You can also schedule it to do housework while you're away.

Its autonomy is 3 hours.

Discover the Roborock S7

Tineco Floor One S5 Combo vacuum cleaner: €59 off your versatile vacuum cleaner

With this cordless broom vacuum cleaner, you will gain in productivity.

It washes and vacuums the floor quickly.

It is equipped with a whole set of accessories allowing it to be particularly versatile.

It can be transformed into a simple handheld vacuum cleaner to reach into corners or to suck up crumbs on the table.

Its price goes from €459 to €399

during the second markdown at Cdiscount.

This is a good opportunity to offer you an efficient device at a very competitive price.

Discover the Tineco Floor vacuum cleaner

You can also jump at the chance to join the Cdiscount loyalty program at will.

You will be able to benefit from numerous discounts and express delivery on all your purchases.

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